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From His Cross

When I see the one on the tree, I often speak of His love for me.

But seldom do we think of him looking at the crowd viewing them.

What does he see, through tear filled eyes? What added grief before he dies?

What thoughts are in his Holy mind, while he suffers this appointed time.


Looking at the crowd so large, of people from near and far.

Hateful, angry, despising, they jeer and sneer at the face that’s marred!

Cursing, laughing, mocking, they yell and scream and jest,

Come down and save thyself, and we’ll believe, they confess!


He sees them in their sin, and the hell awaiting them!

Then cries, “Father forgive, let me die that they might live!”

From his cross he sees afar off, some friends weeping amidst it all.

Confused, bewildered, they don’t know, still they refused to go.


One is standing near the cross, with the mother he had brought.

Into her heart a sword was put, writhing in the agony of the awful cost!

From His cross he sees the guilt, and the shame of sin.

He knows his sacrifice alone, could ever make them friends.


So He hangs there, bleeding, suffering for those he loves,

It’s why He came from heaven, the Father willed he must!

He knew who He was, the Lord God of Glory,

And after this is over, the world would hear the story!


A story of how one went down into the domain of death, and the grave,

But His Father would raise him up on the third day!

He saw it all clearly, though life was slowly ebbing away,

Blood from his wounds a sickening sight, not much time now to stay!


Then the cry, “It is finished,” and he laid down his life,

The earth shook, the veil rent, a soldier screamed, “God’s Son we crucified!”

Satisfied, the crowd dismissed, discussing the final scenes,

They‘d dealt with that blasphemous man, someday He’ll deal with them!


Raymond T. Ellis ©



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